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Andrew Knowles MIET
Lead Engineer
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During my time in the railway I have completed projects for train manufacturers, maintainers, suppliers, operators and owners across a variety of different fleet types. I specialises in engineering change, technical authoring, project engineering and problem solving.

Below is a list of projects I have successfully delivered during my carrer:

  • Maintenance Optimisation - L4 & L5 Activities

  • Passenger Door Maintenance Improvements & Control System Modifications

  • Control Relay Replacements (Aged Relays Replaced with Modern Alternatives)

  • Technical Authoring - Vehicle Maintenance/Overhaul and Modification Instructions

  • Enhancements to Drivers’ Cab Environment to Improve Ergonomics & Comfort

  • On Train Sanding System Enhancement

  • Technical Support to New Fleet Introduction

  • Project Engineering - Technical Support to C4/C6 Overhaul Programs

  • New Product Development Testing & Approvals (Working with new suppliers to the Rail Industry).

Fleet Experience

Siemens - Desiro-City EMU (Class 700 & 717)

Bombardier Transportation - Electrostar EMU (Class 377 & 387)

Bombardier Transportation - LU Stock EMU (VLU 09)

Bombardier Transportation - Turbostar DMU (Class 170 & 171)

British Rail - Suburban EMU (Class 313, 455, 507/508)

British Rail - Networker Express EMU (Class 365)

British Rail - Mk3 - Second Generation EMU (Class 442)

British Rail - Sprinter DMU (Class 150 & 156)

Contact me directly at:

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