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Fleet Services

Trevally Engineering can support clients with a wide range of issues associated with day-to-day maintenance/operation or heavy maintenance/overhaul activities. Whether the issue is related to the entire fleet or individual rail vehicles the personal, flexible approach means all solutions our tailored to the clients' needs.

Some of the more common services offered are listed below:

  • Vehicle Maintenance & Overhaul Instructions

  • Fleet Technical Support

  • Component Condition Assessments / Trials

  • Project Engineering

  • Change Management

  • Technical Risk Assessment

  • Maintenance & Overhaul Optimisation

  • Vehicle/Component Reliability Studies

  • Joint Investigation Support

  • Operational Fleet Support.


Case Studies

Air Res.jpg
C6 Overhaul - Mobilisation & Engineering Support

The customer requested that the C6 overhaul documentation be re-written from a contractual style document into a full suite of working instructions to facilitate the upcoming overhaul program. In order to create working instructions each element of the overhaul needed to be precisely understood and documented. This information meant that a bill of material could be created and also enabled the supplier to provide an accurate quotation.

Research of historic documentation, drawings and circuit diagrams was required initially; however unit inspections and in some cases working reviews were necessary to fully understand each element. As the project developed Trevally Engineering were also able to provide on-going engineering support to address technical queries raised by the supplier during the project. 

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Maintenance Plan Optimisation

The customer’s train fleet was being moved to a different maintenance facility. This maintenance facility has a number of operational restrictions; meaning logistically it can be difficult to bring trains back to the depot for maintenance.

There was a need to optimise the maintenance plan to facilitate the depot restrictions. This required a 20% mileage extension so that only one major exam per week was carried out.

Whilst carrying out the maintenance plan optimisation Trevally Engineering also updated various maintenance tasks to include a new train monitoring system, other minor modifications and improved working practices.

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