Specialists in Rolling Stock Obsolescence & Technical Consultancy


  • Source alternative components or materials from reputable OEM's.

  • Investigate and/or test products to ensure suitable for application / railway environment.

  • Conduct the necessary approvals process applicable to application.

  • Arrange/manage material supply.



  • Engineering Change for Modifications or Enhancements.

  • Technical Authoring.

  • Risk Assessment (FEA/FMEA).

  • Product Research & Development.

  • Component Life Cycle Studies.

  • Training.


  • Maintenance Plan Optimisation.

  • Fleet Technical Support.

  • Vehicle/Component Reliability Studies.

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis.

  • Joint Investigation.

  • Project Engineering.


In 2008, I flew out to Afghanistan to complete my fourth and final tour. I was an Armourer in the RAF, but by then I’d been seconded to 7 Squadron – the helicopter unit that supports UK Special Forces.


It was serious work. No shortcuts. No trade-offs. These guys were the elite – handling the most dangerous missions. Often deep behind enemy lines.


They needed their equipment to work – first time and every time.


I’d always been interested in how things work. As a kid, I spent more time taking toys apart than playing with them. My Dad was the same way, mechanically-minded, curious, and independent by nature.


By the time I left school, I knew I wanted out of the classroom. The RAF was the answer. They needed engineers. I went through the aptitude tests, 12 weeks of basic training, 18 months of intense, practical engineering – and years working on bases in the UK.


By the time I went out to Afghanistan, I’d worked with all the relevant weapons systems and defence countermeasures. The job was brutally simple. When someone pulled a trigger their weapon had to work – however hostile the environment.


The teamwork, camaraderie and passion for the work is something I’ll never forget. But for me, it wasn’t to last. The downside of military service is the danger of getting stuck in the system. I’d seen it often. People getting trapped in the life and becoming scared to leave. I knew that wasn’t for me. I was still curious and independent by nature. By 24, I had left the military behind.


Since then, I’ve built a Rolling Stock consultancy business in the UK and begun travelling the world. In 2019, I travelled over 14,000 km through Asia, including motorbike tours through India, Nepal and the Himalayas (all the way to Everest Base Camp). The trips brought back memories of serious work in serious places.


Taking personal responsability is part of the ethos at Trevally Engineering. There are no shortcuts here, no trade-offs. I pride myself on supporting clients to an elite level and recognise their need for things to work first time, and every time.

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